EnerBurn - How it Works


EnerBurn accelerates the combustion cycle within a diesel engine causing it to reach ‘Max and End” burn earlier in the power stroke.

The accelerated combustion of the diesel fuel develops a faster in-cylinder pressure increase, resulting in lower overall pressure due to more heat to work conversion, in turn giving higher engine efficiency and less fuel consumption.

More energy is delivered to the Power Stroke - Reducing Fuel Consumption by around 10% / Increasing Horsepower by 4%

Due to this rate shaping of the combustion curve, overall in-cylinder pressure and temperatures are reduced at 17° degrees crank angle lowering the production of NOx.

NOX is reduced by the catalytic effect in the engine and reduction in diesel consumption.

The EnerBurn catalytic effect reduces the combustion temperature of carbon from 1090° F to 750° F causing any existing carbon deposits to be burnt off, hepiing the engine to remain free of carbon build up in the future.

The accelerated combustion of the diesel fuel results in improved combustion of the fuel prior to the exhaust valve opening, lowering unburned hydrocarbon emissions, particulates in the exhaust and soot loading in the lube oil.

Dramatic reductions in soot loading leads means less maintenance and extended engine life. Engines not only run cleaner and generate more power, they run longer.


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