EnerBurn - Evaluation

EGT works with our clients to develop ways to prove the performance of EnerBurn...

Our scientific and techncial staff can configure a system to monitor engine performance before and after addition of the EnerBurn product. The range of sensors which can be installed include fuel flow (forward and return), engine RPM and engine torque. Pre injection performance give a reliable base line, helping users to undersstand how their diesel engines ae performing: telling you how much fuel is being used in a typical operating cycle.

The EnerBurn product is then added and the engine run for a stabilisation period, before which the suite of measurements are reapeated. Engine performance before and after the addition of EnerBurn can then be compared.

The monitoring system may comprise of on site data loggers or can extend to continuous, near real time telemetry, giving you up to date access to engine performance data.

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